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Ice Den Box Lacrosse

2017 Summer House League at the Ice Den **Info**


The following is a general overview of the how the league will operate, the division schedules, equipment requirements, other information needed for your smooth transition to playing box!


Roster Spots Still Available


We opened up more space on the rosters so spread the word to friends and team mates to get in the box! Register here




Online division schedules are located here. Automated email and text reminders will be sent to all who registered unless you opted out.  Note that we take July 1st off for the holiday, and that June 24th  & July 15th times are offset to accommodate Ice Den’s scheduling.


Box Camp


The first week (June 3) will be a Box Lacrosse camp with special guest instructor, Ryan Powell. The object is to prepare players for the box league by introducing Rules and Penalties, 5 on 5 Offense and Defense, Transition and more. Box Lacrosse is more similar to hockey and basketball than field lacrosse, so make sure to open your mind to a new game. This event is included at no extra cost and is highly recommended for all participants.  


League Operation


  • Players will check in each week to be stamped before they can enter the rink.  Players can warm up once allowed on the rink by coaches but full protective gear must be worn at all times whether on the benches or in the rink. 
  • Teams will be created the first week and adjusted as needed throughout the season. The format is double elimination tournament style, 12-15 min games, with a 2 game minimum.
  • All but the Novice (10U) division will have certified USBOXLA Referees. A referee’s word is law.  At no time will any arguing or back talk to referees (or coaches for that matter) be tolerated.
  • This is a play only, no practice league. If you are interested in learning, practicing and competing against box programs from the USA and Canada, please consider joining the 




If you are a coach that wants to be on the bench, or know of one interested,  . Approved coaches will be provided a 2017 USBOXLA Rule Book, and access to the online USBOXLA Level 1 Coaches Certification Course. Note that this is an all for one, one for all league.  Approved coaches will be a positive source of encouragement and look to help all players have fun and develop their game. Any coaches not of this mind set should stay home.




  • Lacrosse or hockey protective gear including a helmet, gloves, arm and shoulder pads are required. Additionally, box players wear bicep pads (soft versions found on most shoulder pads that most field player take) and rib pads (same as football). These are not mandatory but in box we use the stick to engage and drive the players on and off ball out of the crease, so extra padding is useful.  If you need a source for box equipment please  .
  • No cleats. Running shoes or turf shoes only.
  • Short sticks only, no long poles.


Last . . .


Have fun, it’s the summer!



Bill Casey
Glendale Lacrosse
Arizona Box Lacrosse
Office: 623-486-8988
Cell: 623-363-7342

by posted 06/03/2017
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